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Ray is someone who is simple yet sophisticated, a risk-taker yet knowing one's limits, learning to be perfect yet knowing no one is except God. To Ray, life is a process and not an end by itself. By giving and receiving a second chance is the result of personal experiences of His grace and love. Life is full of surprises, only if you grab hold of the opportunities not only to live for yourself but for others as well.

Ray is an entrepreneur

He started his photography hobby in 2004. When he returned from the USA, he began his photography adventure in  2012, Raymond Yee Photography and Wedding Around the World. In 2014, he started his design company known as 3 Dogs Media. In 2020, he began another new journey, Ray on Travel, Food, and Lifestyle as an influencer. Hence the slogan "I dream... to live out dreams"

Ray's Services

Ray's favorite pastime

Ray is a sun & a fun-loving person who enjoys a glass of red wine, or rich hot chocolate, in a nice cafe, people-watching, daydreaming, where the flow and ideas of his inspiration form.

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